Movie and Image Sequence textures in EEVEE

Hi, first time on this place! So I’ve tried to look everywhere for any info about this issue but I couldn’t find any.
So the problem is that Movie and Image sequence textures are not working, at all, in EEVEE at the current moment. I understand that this is not the most highly prioritized issue right now, but it seems like that if we are 2-3 weeks away from the Beta we should at least have some complete functionality.

Right now Movie textures show up fine for a single frame, but never updates in either the viewport or the render. Image sequences flatout don’t work at all and shows a pink surface. Cycles is still working fine, only EEVEE has this problem.

Are movie and image sequence textures not planned to be available at all in EEVEE? Would be a huge disappointment if that were so.


It’s a bug, planned to be fixed still.


Thanks for the reply! I mostly just wanted to check if there was awareness on the issue since Google retrieved almost nothing.

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I’m experiencing the same issues with 29th November build. I guess priority for now are mainly crashes, but I wonder if even so it’s planned to be solved before beta release. Thanks!

Just wondering if work has been done to solve this issue yet. This feature would be enormously appreciated!