Move selected nodes with mouse drag

Dragging nodes in node view now only works by hitting the “G” key. In 2.79 you could select with right click and drag with left click. This doesn’t work anymore with the new keymap.
Compared to nodes in other applications, it’s counter intuitive to be able to box select nodes with a mouse drag, and then not be able to move those selected by dragging the selected nodes with a mouse action.

Enable node(s) selection dragging by click+dragging on a non-parameter part of any of the selected nodes. That way we can click+drag to make a box selection and quickly move them around with having to use a keyboard shortcut.

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Unless I’m misunderstanding, that is the way it works in the latest builds for a few weeks now. The only button used in this gif is LMB. I think they plan to make keyframes work similarly before 2.8 is released.


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It already works this way in the Node Editors. You can click and drag nodes to move them, and even move all the selected nodes just by dragging them.

You can check the progress on deselecting/selecting/dragging selected here:

This requires underlying work outside the keymap - current progress is reflected in the task above.

Wow, hadn’t even noticed, got so used to hitting “G”. Thanks guys!