Modern UV workflow

Other softwares have perserve UVs with move, scale, extrude, etc. Could we have something similar in 2.8 or 2.8.1?

Links for examples:

3Ds Max


Made a post with hope it will be in blender :smiley: Right-Click Select


Are you searching for this?


This is only for edge slide. I’m searching for free rotation, scale and grab with perserve UVs :slight_smile:

magic UV addon, just enable it in user preferences

Thank you. I know about this addon but its not finished yet and Mr./Mrs Nutti (programmer) doesn’t know how to continue with development without help. Plus feature like this should be dafault in Blender simply because of its usefulness.

Maybe developers could give a hand to Nutti and help him/her to bring this awesome addon as official feature for Blender.


I’m agree that’s a very useful feature, especially in architectural modeling/texturing.
I already use the great UVW algorithm from MagicUV (in place of default Cube Projection which is not efficient), but be able to keep your UV tiling by modifying your mesh should be a nice addition (and the MagicUV texture locking, unfortunatly, always give me console errors).

I wrote to Nutti and in unstable version is better use of texture locking. You may want to try it out :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to help Nutti (or knows someone who can), here is the link: