Modeling is so slow in 2.8

Modeling is much slower in 2.8 than 2.79. When I turn on mirror and subsurf modifiers on simple model and try to change vertex positions it moves very juggy and I am not able to work efficiently in that circumstances. Here is my hardware: -Computer- Processor : AMD Athlon™ X4 845 Quad Core Processor Memory : 8110MB (6090MB used) Machine Type : Desktop Operating System : Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
-Display- Resolution : 1920x1080 pixels OpenGL Renderer : GeForce GT 1030/PCIe/SSE2 X11 -SCSI Disks- ATA KINGSTON SUV400S – Is this possible to fix speed or I need to wait developers to optimize blender? Thank you.

This is a known issue I think. There are optimizations needed to make subdivision surfaces faster.

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