Mode switching object to edit takes up to 2 seconds (!)

Since you guys switched back to mode switching using the tab key it takes a loooong time to switch.
depending on the model. When I load the wanderer it takes 2 seconds from object to edit, and 1 second back.
This is really annoyining.

In the first moment I was exited about the change but even if I didn’t liked the number keys for switching, it was fast as usual, but this is very sloy now.

I’m hoping (and quite sure) that this is still in progress, and maybe you know about it

Is this too slow for you?


I didn‘t used pie menus. I just used the tab key. And this was slow.
Or would you call 2 secs fast ?

I should mention that I compared with version 2 days before.
The versions before 6/8/18 have been fast as usual, the last two are slow

I will make video tomorrow, now it‘s late in germany :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you saying that the mode itself is taking long to change?

yes, from object mode I press the key and nothing happend for 2 secs, than it switched to edit mode. It only happends on Scenes with many polygons like the wanderer or the like

and by the way it‘s a core I7 with gtx1080 16 GB, but this doesn‘ relly matter because it was fast before they changed back the hotkey to tab

it might be just a bug, lets wait to see if gets fixed soon.

Your computer is actually better than mine, there’s no reason to take that long besides a bug.

yes I think your‘re right, let‘s wait. I‘m pretty sure they will make it. :grinning:

I get the same here, but only on the first switch.
And yes, this is unfinished. 2.8 is in dev, things are added, others are disabled for some WIP reasons, things break other things, etc…

This is how software development works and this is normal. This is also why bug reports are not open: it’s simply too early for that. It’s like watching a 1-month-old fetus and asking the mum “where are the legs”. :wink:

yes sure, sometimes we forget this fact, maybe because of all the amazing new stuff and the nice videos from Pablo which makes it palatable for us :grinning: