Meeting Notes: 2 December 2020

Present: Hans Goudey, Julian Eisel, Nathan Craddock, Pablo Vazquez


  • Plans for Human Interface Guidelines
    • No active sessions currently, should resume once Asset Browser stuff is in.
  • Documents to keep track of 3.0 topics
    • task, moderated (feature requests will be ignored)
    • Some discussion Topics (not planned features!): Active vs. selected, keymap polish, theme polish, sub-panel animation, defaults, drag & drop, more dynamic file selection (show settings based on selection).

2.92 Release

  • Asset Browser Milestone 1
    • Review started, hopefully won’t take long.
    • For 2.93 a collection of default assets to bundle should be prepared, not as part of 2.92 though.
    • We need to figure out what kind of and how many assets to bundle.
    • Then we can make a decision on how to bundle them (as part of Blender or separate download)
  • Geometry Nodes
    • Pablo has some design changes for the node editor to be shared soon.
  • Line Art review
    • Nothing new for this patch still.
  • Outliner/Properties Sync
    • Nathan committed a change so that sync only happens when clicking on the icon.
    • Meeting agreed there’s probably no automatic solution that works well enough. An explicit toggle seems unavoidable.
    • A popover in the property editor can include a syncing option, property search options, and more general settings for the editor.

General Design Review and Tasks

  • D8084: Join or Close Any Area
    • Would be nice to get in for 2.92.
  • D9180: Box & Lasso selection behavior
    • There was no time left to discuss this, will be checked on soon again.

Next Meeting: 2020-12-9 (next Wednesday), same time.