May Blender be more Universal

Hi there,
and may God bless all the Blender team! =))

Can’t express how happy I am to see the changes that are going on nowadays and it makes me believe that someday I will be able to totally rely on Blender capabilities for my VFX needs. But what I see during all these years is that Blender being too unique in terms of navigation and basic controls not only makes it difficult for new users to switch but also makes it difficult to use it together with other apps at the same time.

I can clearly see that there are some universal principles in 3D software most people use and those are Alt + LMB, MMB, RMB for navigation, selection and box selection with single LMB, and deselection by clicking in the empty space. It’s not bad to be unique, but it should be in terms of outstanding quality of the product and some special cases, but unique basic navigation which corresponds to muscle memory makes simple things very complicated. If Blender had at least an option to be Universal, it would so much easier to use it in conjunction with UE4, Substance Painter, Maya, Katana, and so many other apps which use the same basic control pattern.

So my suggestions are to add a true Universal navigation and selection behaviour, and ability to choose the axis direction. There is no need to compromise the choice of Blender developers who may prefer Z-up, and RMB selection, but there should be a choice for others who may prefer to use more common controls.

PS it took me years to find out from a tutorial that there is a way how set up Maya navigation which works properly and it’s not by clicking just one button, but takes several steps to set up everything it reqiures… And still, can’t deselect by clicking away and Z is still UP… Let there a true button which takes care of the universalty of Blender. This feature alone can bring so many people, because all the rest is soooooo cool =))


For a more “universal keymap” in development, see here:

For suggesting new features like a configurable up axis, please use