Mantaflow failing during build


I am building Blender regularly, but for a few days now I am unable to do it. I have an error saying:
[2129/2137] Linking CXX static library lib\extern_mantaflow.lib
FAILED: lib/extern_mantaflow.lib
fastmarch.cpp.obj : fatal error LNK1000: Internal error during BuildLibrary.EmitMember

Is that on my side, something I should update ?

Thanks !

Can’t reproduce that locally, so it is likely on your end

The error you are seeing is essentially “you hit a bug in the linker”

Judging from your log, you appear to be building with ninja which is not our default configuration, also since it is trying to link an .obj i’m going to assume you are on windows, for feature posts please include this kind of information to keep the guessing about your environment to a minimum.

things to try (in random order, no idea isn’t any better than any of the others, and you may have to combine some of these ideas)

  1. Since you are using ninja, you may also be using sccache, calling sccache “buggy” would be generous, there were a few serious issues with it that did not get solved until very very recently, if you are using sccache and/or ninja be sure to update them to the latest versions.

  2. Perhaps a corrupted file somewhere, try a clean (ie run ninja clean in your build folder) and rebuild

  3. You’re hitting an internal issue in the linker, updating the compiler (Visual studio) to the latest version be pretty high up on my list. (Be sure to start with a brand new build folder if you do)

  4. Perhaps ninja is making a mess try a msbuild based build (make full 2019 builddir 2019_msbuild)

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Thanks a lot, I’ll have a try updating ninja and sccache, a clean and the rest, see if it works :slight_smile:

I’d be real careful with sccache, i stopped using it all together given how unreliable it was (0.2.14 is said to be better but i have not done any extensive testing with it) I’m all for faster builds, but if you can’t trust the results it’s essentially useless.

I see, and is there any other caching solution for Windows ? Otherwise I am fine waiting a little bit longer for my builds :slight_smile:

Not that I’m aware of, sccache 0.2.14 fixed some of the more prominent issues (but that took a better part of a year), so upgrade at least to that, but as soon as you see “odd” behavior (like what you are seeing), try building without it and see if the issue goes away.

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I updated everything, and did a “ninja clean”, works fine now, thanks a lot for your help !