Mantaflow Bug/Problem

I made an animation of a space ship going from underwater to above the surface. I created an ocean and baked the simulation with low resolution without any issues. When I tried some higher resolutions the sim baked and right after baking blender crashed. When I reopen the project I can preview the baked sim but I can’t bake the mesh cause it says that I didn’t bake the data even tho I did and the cache folder is around 30GB. Anyone else had this problem ? Doesn’t seem to be me running out of memory or anything like that.

There may be an UI design issue.
There has never been a “Bake Current Cache” button for liquids.
But maybe that would make sense for FLIP particles and Replay cache mode.

Anyways, crash is not supposed to happen.
So, it seems logical that although saved blend file has a path pointing to cache containing data and this data is read and displayed in viewport, cache is not marked as baked.
That is something that happens when simulation is finished and “Bake Data” button becomes greyed out.
Here, because blender crashed before file was re-saved, it seems logical that “Bake Data” button is not greyed out when file is re-opened.

Maybe, you can workaround the problem by looking at what frame baking crashed.
Pause data baking before crash. At that moment, cache is considered partially baked. But it is possible to bake mesh for cached data.
Or you can jump to Final cache type and try to bake everything (data+mesh), at same time, by pressing “Bake all” button.

Anyways, investigate to find cause of crash and fill a bugreport. That is best way to solve problem for next releases.