Make changes apply to entire selection by default


Having multiple objects selected is very inconsistent, as sometimes what you do affects all of the objects, and sometimes it doesn’t (mostly properties it seems).

I know I posted here a lot, but this is probably my number 1 paper-cut (it was second only to right-click select, and that’s now fixed, and the outliner, which apparently will get mostly fixed in 2.81).


Always have whatever interaction you perform apply to the entire selection.

If people want the old (non-industry standard) behavior, put that in a setting.

This has been mentioned several times in the main thread, and I even believe that I saw it mentioned that it would be the default in 2.8 at one point, but now that it’s out it’s clear that this wasn’t done.


So I just tried the 2.82 alpha and the old behavior is still there.

Could the developers at least add the “make links” menu item to the right-click object menu in the viewport?

So many times now I’ve selected multiple object and assigned materials, only to have to go “object - make links - materials” every time… it adds up (both in time and frustration).

Finally this seems planned:

(After severalfalsestarts…)

I haven’t read through everything, but I wonder if it’s planned for modifiers and materials as well?

The Blender UI still straight up lies to your face with the “make links - modifiers” menu option. :stuck_out_tongue: