MacOS daily build one week behind [2.81 beta]

Hi there

Windows build 22 oct

MacOS build 15 oct

What’s up?


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Could someone comment on why macOS 2.81/2.82 builds are at a standstill?


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i was also just asking this question over on blenderartists, and people pointed to some very troubling comments in a bug report - that blender is pretty much broken on the mac and the only fix will be the vulkan transition, which to my knowledge doesn’t even have a set timeline for completion?

was hoping there could be some official confirmation as to whether blender has in fact abandoned the mac going forwards? i feel like this is something that should be clearly and officially communicated, not leaving it to individuals to piece together from posts around the internet.

Thank you winnertakesteve
In another thread (noticed your name there) I can see that mac support will be up again soon


First of all this weekend there was little change in the blender code in general, because there was the blender conference …
Therefore it can be deduced that if the mac build has remained stationary with respect to that of windows, at the user experience level the difference was of some minor bug correted.

More generally, they are at least 2 weeks, there are only minor bug fixes and even now no new features in blender 2.82.

And finally, at the time i writing this comment, all the builds are updated.

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It definitely is not broken on my Mac, 2.79, 2.80 Official and latest 2.81Beta all run without issue.

I see no reason for a new release if nothing had changed since the last one… there appears to be a lot of scare mongering on the 'net just because someone got spooked!

Cheers, Clock.


There is one issue, rendering graphics with bgl on the 3D port doesn’t consider the line width anymore, took me ages to find that one, one that 99.99999% of people don’t use anyway. :wink:

first i’m glad the builds are back up and running!

with regards to “no need for a new release,” to my knowledge the nightly builds are automated, so its not the explicit “need” for the build, but a question of whether new builds ceasing was an indicator of some larger problem with blender’s mac support.

i also think it’s a tad unfair to draw a correlation between you not experiencing any issues and there being none. its a big piece of software and there are a lot of use cases to consider!

i do in fact experience number of issues with 2.80 official and am regularly checking to see the state of those bugs in 2.81 betas. in fact I often move between versions depending on the task i’m doing because some things are more broken in 2.80 than 2.81 and vice versa.

to give just a few examples off the top of my head:
-fbx export options dialogue box is missing from half of the window layouts in 2.80 official, including the default “layout” configuration; fixed in 2.81 betas
-graphical glitches causing armature rigs to flicker/disappear in 2.80 official, sometimes better in 2.81 builds, sometimes worse
-lookdev preview hdris tank viewport performance in 2.81 beta but run fine in 2.80 official

please note, i’m not complaining about bugs! i appreciate all the hard work of blender devs and issues are to be expected in betas! my point was simply that i like to keep up with the latest bugfix builds if possible in case anything new comes down the pipe that makes work a little easier!

and certainly there is a little bit of anxiety that apple’s various deprications of opengl/opencl might at some point make blender devs (understandably) throw up their hands and say “sorry, we just can’t fix the issues”

hope that explains the situation a little better!

I was merely recounting my experiences, not making a sweeping statement! We all use different parts of Blender, I have been lucky in the most part, except OpenGL seems to be out of favour with Apple! I understand that there are some developments with Vulkan and Metal…