MacOS AMD ProRenderBlender 2.0.1 Released: No Compatible GPUs

I have installed this add-on to both standard distribution (Blender 2.8 download) and source build.(CMake as well as Xcode) In all cases same result “No compatible GPU’s”.

Have others been more successful?
MacOS 10.14.4
MacBook Pro 2017
Radeon Pro 560

You might have more happiness here -

I am running a MacPro Tower 2010 with a Radeon RX580 while the card is compatible I still can’t seem to get ProRender to work. I found the installation complicated, gave up on it and decided it wasn’t really of that much interest to me at the moment. I also used RenderMan for a while - I like it but eventually just went back to Cycles…

Strange that you are getting a “no compatible GPU” It’s not like its an old card and you MackBook is within the model range.

Thank-You Kindly…Off I Go :wave:

Did Further Checking…I believe the answer is:

CPU device capabilities: SSE2 SSE3 SSE41 AVX AVX2

OpenCL device capabilities:
Number of platforms: 1
Platform #0
Platform Name: Apple
Platform Vendor: Apple
Platform Version: OpenCL 1.2 (Oct 31 2018 21:59:22)
Platform Profile: FULL_PROFILE
Platform Extensions: cl_APPLE_SetMemObjectDestructor cl_APPLE_ContextLoggingFunctions cl_APPLE_clut cl_APPLE_query_kernel_names cl_APPLE_gl_sharing cl_khr_gl_event

More Checking…Still No Compatible GPU reported by System…But Radeon ProRender shows in the “Render Engine” panel and “Render Devices” shows CPU Threads => 8 with a AMD Radeon Pro 560 (Metal) checkbox below it?

…and if that’s not confusing enough:
Cycles is also selectable showing “Feature Set” => Supported and “Device” => CPU.

Is it possible that CPU (MacOS) is providing “command buffers” to the GPU via Metal?

Something tells me AMD have a little way to go with this. About as easy as herding cats.

“herding cats”…MacOS must be the litter box since it doesn’t have an A12 chip like iOS devices. BUT…then again…Ya can’t build Blender on an iOS device either!

This is all fixed in the latest 2.0.15 macOS build of ProRender. Full macOS Metal 2 GPU support and support of Blender 2.8 native nodes. What’s not to like? The speed of RPR is amazing on a GPU.

I have the MacBook Pro 2017 with the 560 dGPU + a couple of eGPUs with AMD cards and do a lot of ProRender testing and feedback through the appropriate channels.

The 2.8 plug in is a technology preview. It’s not even an alpha yet. You have to expect some growing pains but it’s already very stable.

Sounds good. I will try it when its out of Beta. If the 2.8 Plug is still a technology preview (and lets face Blender 2.8 id still in Beta) then its probably going to be frustrating. Better left to people who enjoy that stuff. I have a new Radeon RX 580 running on a Mac so I will be very happy when it comes out.

Resolved! Compatibility as reported by “Cycles” is not finding a GPU. However, Blender Radeon ProRender 2.0.x installs and is functional with Metal2 capabilities.

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