LTS dowload links are broken

Sorry guys, not sure where to put this at his point…
I tried yesterday in BA but just got a random answer…

Basically any download link in the LTS page are broken.

Hence impossible to get to dowload any.

you can officially download Blender 2.83.xx from here. Blender web page server was hacked Sunday ( ) and I think is not fully recover yet.

As you can see we are a lot Off Topic


Thanks @NiCapp !
That seems to work, cheers!
And sorry for the wrong place to ask, but needed to get access for work reasons .

This is now fixed in the server side. It will be automatically deployed soon.

Please check back later, and report there if not fixed.

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OK. To continue to be OffTopic, is still fully off line for me. It will be restored when dynamic web pages will be working?

It’s not that off topic… site feedback seems fine for questions (not bugs of course ).

I don’t know about the . @troubled will know better.

Some details need to be worked on before they are back online, but should hopefully be in the next day or two.


Good to know, thank a lot for your work over this problem

Thanks you all guys for following up!
next time I’ll open a ticket directly ! :slight_smile: