Loading scene for every frame before rendering?


I’m mostly interested on understanding how eevee does this step buts as Cycles seems to do it the same way I’m asking in this forum.

I’m trying to understand how the uploading step works before rendering starts. So I’m trying to render an animation in which the only parameter that changes is the camera transform, so my questions are:

1- Do, eevee and cycles, upload into memory all the scene (textures, meshes etc) for each frame?

2-If so, it seems like a process (in my case) that takes longer than the rendering, is it really necessary to do so if nothing changes in the scene besides the camera?

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It exports the whole scene every time, except images if you have the Persistent Images option checked. There are plans to avoid that, it just takes work to get there.


I can’t find the option Persistant Images when using eevee, I suppose is just in Cycles?

Yes, that option is Cycles only.


When you say “there are plans to avoid that”, are you saying there are plans to have a Blender scene load only once then Blender will be able to render out all the frames without having to load the project for every frame? This would save a lot of time.



It would be a real time saver indeed. The denoise and optix make the render time smaller than the load scene time in almost all animation that i render! I rope that implementation arrive soon.


Just a quick note: If you want to use the “Persistent Images” option in Eevee, you can just switch to Cycles, enable the option and then switch back to Eevee. Saved me lots of render time already :wink: