List of arguments for `make`?

Hello. I’ve been building Blender on Windows and Linux, and I’ve noticed that running make in /blender-git/blender allows slightly different arguments depending on the OS. For example, when I run make release in Windows, I get a release build of Blender. However, in Linux I get:

make: Nothing to be done for 'release'.

Why is this? Can I query make for a list of appropriate commands? --help does not print a list of options that are available. I have learned make, make full, make lite, make bpy from the Build wiki and from around the blender-y part of the internet. But I don’t know of any specific documentation for this! Might there be more options lurking in the shadows of Blender’s cmake configuration?


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you are right, make release in linux not is working, however you forgot one fundamental option: make help

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I didn’t forget – I didn’t know there was a make help. That’s why I want documenta—


Can someone add this to the Wiki in an obvious place? It’s also rather confusing that make accepts --help and help and they do totally different things! I would have expected make help to build the manual (although I know that’s in a separate repo and uses doxygen).

Thanks @NiCapp!

make help runs the target called help in the Blender Makefile which prints information about the usage of that specific Makefile.

make --help gives help information for make itself.

There is documentation for all this, both pages mention make help:

Thanks @brecht. I didn’t know there was a build options page! It has all I was asking for. I’ve looked for information on changing Cmake parameters so many times and haven’t found this!

It looks like the only way to get there is by clicking the link in Building Blender under Customization. I wonder if we can do something to make this more discoverable? Perhaps all of the relevant pages can be added to a central hub or list page (Building Blender, OS specific pages, the CUDA/Optix page, Build Options, and maybe there’s more, too). It would be helpful if they were all available to navigate to from one place.

Anyways, now I’m off to edit my cmake parameters! :smiley: Thanks again.

EDIT: OK. I’m seeing it on other pages now. Maybe I’m just blind?