Linear controllers in Blender

Hello all and hope to devs as well, i have been a blender user since 2017 and is my best choice of Flight Simulation developments. There are a lot of developers using blender to develop for very popular flight simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin P3D and some folks are kind enough to make an SDK (Software Development Kit) plugin for Blender and it does great job, however there are some concerns when it comes to how difficult it can be for preparing models for the simulators for animations in particular. blender has the ability to set animations channels linear but it would be better if Blender had the ability to set Controllers as linear and not just animations. Like in 3DS MAX before you animate an object or so, you have the ability to set controllers to linear so Rotation, Position and Scale controllers to linear before you go and do animations, because not not only flight simulators but other games reads animations of objects as linear as well. just like for rotation for example where you can set it from XYZ Euler to Quaternion, in that same that i wish for Linear controller there for Rotation, Location and Scale and it automatically applies that to animations aswell. In 3DS MAX also has the ability to select two object at once and the first object selected, if you move it around the other object like the other hand of a character for example moves in the same Z, Y and X location and rotations just the same, affecting the object in its origin pivot point so you can basically select two or even more object at once and use the gizmo of one object and it influences other objects without any modifiers or constraints. These two features would be great addition to blender.

Is there any way possible these features can be looked at for blender?