Limit texture size EEVEE

We use eevee in our new virtual studio, works super good for medical products because they don’t need too many textures, so we can use a lot of shaders. Now we would like to produce some interior shots but here we need a lot of textures. Therefore I have some questions

  • Will eevee get the functionality for limiting texture size in the near future?
    (Looks like the option Viewport->Textures->Limit Size doesn’t work at the moment.

  • Is there a way to free the gpu memory when collections are hidden?

Cheers Daniel

I had the same problem, but I downloaded the latest build a couple days ago, and now it seems to be working. Check the latest build!

LOL!? I should just look at the daily before posting some questions, dumb me!
Especially because I update every day, but I was working in E-cycles build which is 5 days old.

Works perfectly!