License for Blender Icons

I updated the icon sheet with licencing info - check it out at the thread.
It’s subject to the CC BY-SA 4.0 now.


That’s huge! Thanks for the sharing. It is a beatiful world I’m living in and should also contribute to in our own way!

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I trying to make redesign of an icons pack for other free/opensource software in the same b3d 2.8 style, but colour-coded, redrawing them manually completely from the scratch, using blender’s icons shapes for inspiration, as far as software have completely different fuctionality.
Are there some restrictions?
Does license inheritance works in this case, can I also make release under CC BY-SA 4.0?


Now we can use jendrzych’s work under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Well, everything of them were made from scratch, so they have just similar style.
Here is the result - COIL icontheme.

This is outstanding work! @1D_Inc