Left toolbar tools in input editor


when will we see left toolbar tools finally correctly implemented in the input editor, so that they can be found and customized. At the moment, it’s still not possible to make them work with LMB, despite the toolbar being implemented already months ago. I remember William saying that it will take about a month before they make it into input editor, but it’s been already like 3 months since he said that :slight_smile:

What you mean exactly?

All the left toolbar buttons are nowhere to be found in the input editor, only if you use search, but they don’t seem to have any physical location in the input tree. When you change any of these, the change will not stick, even if you save user settings. Furthermore, editing them will often crash blender.

I made some test modifications in the bevel and inset tools to work with LMB only, then I exported the key config. When imported it works, but it doesn’t seem to store the global left click select option.

Also, while this tools are working with LMB only, they are still quite buggy, most of the time the inset or bevel action fails and instead it just moves the selected component. I don’t know if there’s a way we can fix it, or perhaps needs more dev work.

Yes, it does. My concern is that we are half way between alpha and beta, yet even these ultimately basic things are not sorted out. At the same time, development seems to be concerned with things like shiny viewport gimmicks :confused:

I have the exact same problem.
Also I found that the region overlap makes the toolbar tools behave weirdly. :frowning: