Left click select keymap

I’m relax, you are telling that an user must see how the workflow is damage in a real important way only because “things happens” and he must learn to live with it. I don’t want to see my daily work expanded in 1-2 hours only because you think that is normal and you don’t complain by any reason.


You don’t need to go back to the selection active tool:

Just select with LMB and do your active tool’s action with LMB. Or, set the active tool to some transform tool like it was in 2.7 and use shortcuts like before.

Active tools seem really kind of an extension to the gizmo in their behavior, it’s on top of the rest. But unfinished and clunky :confused:

please try with active tools that dont have the use of the “stay click function” like loopcut or extrude to cursor instead, you will see that it dont work at all

every tools can’t be used with this technique, its not future proof ,its not praticle ,it doesnt work… they need their own button,

aka the old right click for active tools

oh I missed that part :zipper_mouth_face:

(honnestly I use shortcuts all the time so I’m not used to that active tools system behond transform gizmo)

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But I guess something like this :point_down: would solve your issue, right?

This looks like a really good solution! I would love to be able to have the transform gizmo active, and only use it when I grab it, and select when I’m not grabbing it.

Also, this could mean that tweak, box select, paint select, and lasso select could all be one tool.

There doesn’t seem to be any downside, so I really hope this gets attempted.


Ladies and gentleman
THIS is how to make EVERYONE happy
Right click selecters too !

if the context menu is chosen as either of the two mouse click, the other click will have the “stay clicked system”

  1. im a left click selector that want to use the right click as a context menu:
    i have the context menu as the right click??? thats amazing im happy, i can do stuff like 3ds max users now yayyy!
    if an active tool is selected with left click i its the system we have right now, a drag system

  2. im a left click selector that want to use the right click as the active tool:
    the right click have now its dedicated tool for my workflow! amazing ! im happy!
    if i want to go to the context menu i just have to hit a button on the keyboard

  3. im a right click selector, amazing its also working for me! woaw, i can also decide to use the left click as the context menu??? coooool thats a new one ! im happy yeah

and thenafter, no one had to choose a side anymore
everyone is happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
and they can change going from left to right click super easely

okay i calm down now

my idea bring also other benefit to blender


Would be better and unique select tool that made all things, with a passive transform tool selected when you don’t have selected any thing.

I must say it looks nice, now we need to see how it works on actual usage. If the devs actually do this…

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Pretty neat indeed…


Maybe post that here:

But there’s an issue:

If you’ve set the contextual menu to a click, and use that click on an active tool icon… Either you want to set the new tool to the click, either you want to open the contextual menu on that icon. But you can’t do both at the same time.
There need to be something to takle that. Maybe a modifier key.
I.E. alt click on active tools icons always open the contextual menu, while a simple click always sets the active tool to the click.

(And you forgot MMB)

I’m Italian, not Asian :joy:

So many people bring this up. Meanwhile my proposal on right click select sits with 0 votes. Up from -2 from yesterday, so it’s trending up. I think this would be absolutely amazing. What if while the menu tool was active, you could control click on the header of any menu and have THAT on the right click. It would be so good, and unique I think. I think others don’t agree, but this would end the whole debate on left vs right click for good.

Admittedly, it would be weird to have menus assigned to both clicks or some other tool that has no selection capability, but this is minor.

I’m going to sell the entire blender community on this…eventually. Right now I’m too busy.

I’m really sick of you jerks coming on here and calling anyone who disagrees with you an amateur or novice or hobbyist. Get over your ego. I’ve been working 8-16 hours a day in blender for a full year. There are many more like me who also like the way that 2.8 is shaping up. Your argument holds no water so maybe you should drop it.

When someone say that those of us who are annoyed are crazy complainers, that we shouldn’t be heard and that we should shut up. I don’t read you criticizing him.

My arguments hold perfectly, and when they don’t, argue with me.

it have 0 vote cause of bad title and bad presentation

With some nice title; nice gif and images it could be at the top !

Also it’s a complex problem that most user are not informed about

I changed it. Now I’m at -1 vote.

If there are no mesh objects in the scene, right click does nothing. Open blender>delete cube>right click>nothing happens.

It would be nice if the add menu popped up in these situations. But anything to indicate that a click has happened is better than nothing happening at all.


I always got this guys on my right click menu…


Very handy, since I hate Shift + A… :slight_smile:


It feels so odd opening a menu with a mouse button.

Lol… What you mean? This is literally how every software works, including OSes…
And now that we have native right click context menus in Blender, it makes no sense not to have those options there by default.

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How do you put the add menu on the RMB context menu? Me wants it!!