Layering and Blending modes to material tab

I was working on a tiny experiment, of making some Jelly, sitting on a kitchen floor. And i wanted after the fact, to paint in jelly smudges on the floor. But realized that the material workflow seems a bit lacking in that regard.

I’d propose a way to have different layers of materials for a mesh. So you could re-use/mix and match multiple different materials, and paint them in and out with masks, instead of needing to create a new unique material for every object, that needs different effects blended together.

It would make the workflow more akin to Photoshop or maybe substance painter

Other examples would be:
Have a brick wall material, and have a layer on top with a graffiti color, and the blending mode to color.

Have a floor-tile material, with a layer on top that’s jelly, so you can lightly paint in splatters and smudges.

Have a skin material, and a layer on top that’s blood.

Have a tin material, and a layer on top that’s paper branding, so you could paint in’ a scratched coke can