Last used option in Pie Menus

The pie menus are a much needed addition to Blender, however there is one feature missing that existed in the list menus of previous versions and that is what I call the “last used action” option where Blender would highlight the last used option from a menu. This was to my knowledge unique to Blender and something that sped up repetitive tasks significantly. You only had to locate your action once from the menu and then when doing it again you only had to know the menu shortcut in a “fire and forget” manner. Super useful.

Locating an action from a menu multiple times in a row requires memorizing the action position in the pie shart.
Not a problem when only sticking to one menu, but becomes taxing when switching between multiple menus and doing repetitive tasks.


  • Remember last used action in a menu
  • Automatically pick that action if a direction is not chosen in the pie chart (pie chart center).
  • Alternatively earmark one direction for this option, for example up.


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