Last release broke my add-on, even after the fact that API was not changed?


im writing an addon right now, she worked totally fine on the build of 10 april, 20may, 3june, but on the build of yesterday 6 june, i had some issues.

i calculated a lot of timing related math with the datetime python module, now my time calculation result are all reversed.

i experienced a lot more crashes on this bluid (6 june - blender-2.80.0-git.8b2b79c2108b-windows64) than the 3 other builds up above.

Is this normal ? i will do more analysis of what happend, and also test 7 junes build to see if thoses anomalies stay. This behavior feel really weird to me. Spooky.

Maybe a dev here know something ? did i miss anything ? any changes that may provoque that ?

It’s very hard to respond to “it’s not working” without any further information, or any indication of what the problem is.

Best think you can do is If you think you have a bug, post a bug report on with a concrete way for developers to reproduce your issue.

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No its all about my python datetime calculation, its not normal that on the 3 june build the result of the calculation is not the same that on the 6 june build. That’s why im asking here, it’s just so weird.

but again the 6 june build is so unstable, it may be resolved this week.

"The result of the calculation it is not correct’ "

once more, not sure how to help you here, you gave no information except, ‘it used to work, now it’s not’

Share some code that shows the issue at the very least!

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If I may suggest, reading these pages, prior to report a bug, can be useful:

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I don’t even know if it is a bug or an error,i’m not asking to resolve my problem either, im just asking if the dev did some changes that are related to that area. But well i got my response it seems, it must be a bug and i’ll dig into it.