Keymap Proposal - Feedback


I was perusing the ticket T55666, and noticed this change

X-Key for delete, now only use delete key.

I would like to present my objection to this change. It will decrease efficiency with hard surface modellers. I have objected about this change before with ticket

I would highly recommend looking into this change again and seeing if there is a better option. Having it fast and accessible by the left hand is quite important for fast efficient modelling.

I would like to clarify that i am fine with change, just when change is for a better option.

Thanks for all the effort put in so far!



ctrl + alt + u has also disappeared to access user preferences. what’s going on here? why do you want to change all the keyboard shortcuts? what’s the big reason?

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also there are no user perferences.

@zebus3d Here’s the related task: (it had already been mentioned by Carlo)
X for Delete has been added back
User preferences are still there, I don’t really know what you’re talking about @anon18120698

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@a.monti, I am talking about the last build I downloaded today.

No user preferences in file menu.

Not, even a region type

They were moved in the Edit menu, but that happened like a month ago or so

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thats weird, because I’ve seen it in file menu for a while this week.

X-Key for delete has been added back, it’s used a lot for modeling, so we better keep a key shortcut for it.


Thanks for the update @ideasman42 . Glad we could come to a agreement