Keyframe Icons in Timeline View


I am newish to Blender. I finally bit the bullet and am using it in production on a feature film titles sequence. I am really quite excited about Blender and think you have all done a wonderful job with it. It is much more intuitive and fun to work with than other 3D packages. The results have been stunning.

I like the timeline view panel and have been using it extensively. One thing that would be really helpful would be different keyframe icons to allow users to quickly identify constant, linear, and bezier keyframes - much like what you have in After Effects.

I look forward to the continued development of Blender. It is a truly inspiring tool to work with.

What do you mean? Different icons for keyframe type accessed by shortcut R or the list to be expanded more?

Also note this forum is for developers and contributors as the big blue banner above states and not for feature requests.

@Shwaky Thanks for your response and for your gentle correction. My bad. I apologize for posting in the wrong location.

To answer your first question. I mean the way in which keyframes are displayed in the timeline view. In blender, the keyframes are always displayed as diamonds, no matter what type of keyframe is being used. In other packages an example might be using a square for hold keyframes, a triangle for an ease, a circle for beziers etc.

I will now head to rightclickselect. Thanks again.