Keyboard "Release" not working the correct way


I feel like there is something not correct, when I pick shortcut for keyboard then choose value “Release”
it feel wrong, when you press the key nothing happen until you release the key, it will active !
the correct way :
“Release” should be active when you press the key until you release it from the key it will not active.
because I don’t see any different between Release and Click.
hope you understand what I mean.

Just use “Press” or “Click” instead. “Release” is only really intended for modal keymaps, maybe in the future we’ll hide it in cases where it’s not relevant.

I feel its important one and need to be corrected not to be hidden.
there is some situation you need to press to active until you release it,it will deactivate.

example, I was planning to use short cut “j” for active snap.

so “release” will make the key “j” active until you release it, it will deactivate.
and there other stuff I need to use “release”.

That could be interesting, but it would be a new type of event or operator. Release does just what it says, it fires on mouse button release. If we change that then other things will break.

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Isn’t exactly that specific behaviour already implemented in many tools? I mean move/rotate/scale (and more…) all activate snapping temporarily as long as you hold down CTRL.

Yes, there are modal tools that do this, and for them Press and Release events are used in the corresponding modal keymap. But that’s different than using an operator like wm.context_toggle.

well, its already implemented with Ctrl,Alt and shift.
if you press Ctrl it will active then u release it it will deactivate .
but all 3 keys not show in the input as shortcut.
so I don’t think it need a new type of event since ctrl,shift and alt already can do the “release”
hope it can be implement for other keys :slight_smile:
its useful for many cases, Iam coming from softimage and maya and this “releases” will be handy in many ways.

oh I see, hope it can be implement for this operation in the key-map input as soon as possible . :+1:

Also found out the shortcut “S” for color picker do the trick :confused:
and work fine xD
is the “color picker” have a special case ?