Is this a glitch, or how I do this basic thing in Blender which shouldn't be so complex?

Please help me with this, I cannot get this to work properly in any way. I need the Z axis to be as shown but I simply cannot find any way to do what is a really really basic thing in Blender. I have read and read and read and seen all kinds of plugins and hacks/workarounds but please help me to move the global cursor to the right axis orientations or to make the animation use the Cursor axis and not the Global Axis. I can do this in every other piece of software in existence without any difficulty whatsoever, but this is like rocket science in Blender apparently.

Note: This works PERFECTLY FINE for movement animations - it uses the CURSOR axis as it does in the view window. Only for rotations does it completely ignore that and decide to use the GLOBAL axis, hence why I am wondering if this is a glitch.

Hi, you should try asking over at (this here forum is meant for development questions).

For your question : you should be using the local orientation for anything animated

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Thank you for the reply. How is this not a glitch though? Movement works as it should, rotation does not.

Using the local orientation did nothing to help me accomplish what I wanted, but I will go ask on the user forums.

I’ll be closing this thread, as it’s not about Blender development. DM me if you want to discuss this decision.