Is OpenSubdiv already multithreaded and/or executed in the GPU? Performance seems to be poor

Just a question, I would like to know the status of OpenSubdiv.


Multithreaded in CPU, but anyway the performance is poor, specially in edit poly


Thanks Alberto
Let’s hope we can get it GPU accelerated as it was in 2.7x :slight_smile:

I am wondering if could ever get adaptive subdivision in the viewport ,I have been hearing about it for years but nothing has surfaced.

Performance, since 2.80, seems to be dependent on source mesh. Degenerate geo (zero area faces, 180 degree angles), ngons lead to large slowdown, as does negative curvature (saddle shapes.) As far as I can tell. Presumably because of the “quality” parameter, which can’t be set to 0.

In 2.8, 2.81, 2.82 subdivisions are unusable on animated characters, for an animation software it is embarrassing. In 2.83 I hope that the right priority is given, in 2.7x it had been resolved.