Is it possible to render Grease Pencil drawings in Blender?

Hello Guys,
I’m an artist with interest in develop a workflow of 2d animation in 360 using Blender, but I’ve heard that Blender doesn’t have it available, is that true? Is there a way to render the lines created with grease pencil?

Tks in advanced.

Something like the Hero Open Movie project?

Jama Jurabaev sells many tutorial about his workflow (grease->curve->mesh), but probably it is more suitable for still images rather than animations.

I think devtalk is meant to be used for blender development topics. For user support you can try, or
Anyway, when you say 360 I don’t know if you are talking about vr or srant a 3d space, but if I understand your question correctly, the answer is Grease pencil lines can be rendered. In versions up to 2.79 you need to use “render opengl” remember correctly. In 2.8 grease pencil renders just by hitting render both in cycles and eevee like regular objects (though currently grease pencil objects don’t interact with lights).

Hi guys,
sorry for the late answer.

@Rusculleda what I want is to draw using grease pencil in the blender’s view port and then get the lines rendered.
I’m watching some videos to learn Blender rendering.
Also @CarloBergonzini that’s the reason I’ve created the post, I watched days ago JAma’s tutorial and in the of the tutorial he says " well guys, unfortunatelly Blender is not able to render the grease pencil lines using panorama - equiretangular camera, so… it’ was kind of frustrating…

take a look at what I said bellow, easier to understand.

Then, as i said, yes you can. Which blender version are you using?

I’m using 2.8, newest

Then grease pencil should just render as any other object. If it doesn’t maybe you are mistaking grease pencil with annotation tool? (Which can also be rendered but only as viewport render, try View–> Viewport Render). If you are actually reffering to grease pencil, try this: add a new grease pencil object (Shift+A --> Grease Pencil --> Stroke), switch over from object mode to draw mode, draw, and hit F12 to render. Is it working?

Man,… I finally understood how the render works.
Basically I ended up figuring out that for still is possible to render your lines, BUT… if you render your lines animated I noticed that they will not appear in the render, sucks…
Actually, I did two tests, one of them, I could see my line in the render. I drawn my lines on the box surface, however when I got my render they were out of the surface. :frowning:
Today I’m gonna do more tests.
What I want is to be able to rendering sketches in panorama view or animate lines for animatics.

in fact, it works, but… not how I want.

If you choose in your render settings PANORAMA and use grease pencil it will not work correctly.

According to Jama, he told me he spoke with the Blender’s guys and maybe in the next update we can enjoy this tool working perfectly.