Is it possible to remove the side bar from the API documentation pages?


Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the left side bar of the API pages? While it is useful in general I find that it takes a bit of space and it actually makes page capturing harder.

I am going to host a local copy of the site so I am asking for a local copy but if it is an option for the actual site that would be great.


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Best is for your local copy to build the documentation instead of scraping the website:

Note that you should be able to build a PDF from the docs with the tools above already.

Sure, but I just need to remove the sidebar even when building a local copy. I just dot’t know how this is done with this way of generating the docs.

This is more of an issue with the theme we use:

Once you have the docs building, it’s fairly easy to switch themes.

Or you could check on tweaking the rules for displaying it with the current theme.

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Are we talking about this page?

Another option would be to install a browser extension called “Stylus”. I believe its at least available for Chrome (and its derivatives, I use Vivaldi) and Firefox.

Then you can add your own css rules on top of the site’s own ones.
I quickly came up with this, but you may change it to your liking:

display: none;
width: 0px;


max-width: none;

Hope I didnt totally misunderstand the question…