Is it normal for MMD exporter to use World Axis?

I was testing the MMD and PC2 exporter so i could used baked animation from 2.8 in 2.9. I do this because im using an external render engine. Linking the files didnt work and i didnt want to redo the baking. Also 2.8 is faster with cloth baking.

I noticed that the MMD (lightwave) exporter set the origin to the world (0,0,0) So when i used MeshCache in 2.79 it gets double offset. Easy fix is reset its location in 2.79 but i dont want that.

Then i noticed the PC2 exporter has an option to use either local or set it to world. So i added this in the MMD addon and it works like a champ.

So should this be added to blender then?