Is infinite scroll really a good fit for this site?

Thanks a lot for maintaining this website. I appreciate it. There is one thing that irritates me though.

I know infinite scroll can be a heated topic, and everybody has their own preferences.

There are quite a few threads on these forums that are very, very long. It can be nearly impossible to find a particular entry on a page, and there’s no sense of pacing-- of how much is left to read to see if a concern has already been addressed elsewhere in the thread. It’s also nearly impossible to catch up on a long thread-- where did I stop reading the last time I closed my browser?

That’s irritating for somebody who wants to do it right and read before writing-- but more, it discourages reading before writing.

I would suspect that infinite scroll isn’t the right way to handle the threads on this site.

I find infinite scrolling superior than the other options. All of the issues you faced have clear solutions in my opinion. (Having different options in the preferences wouldn’t hurt though)

You can search the topic with magnifying glass on top right (and select “Search this topic” option):

In the right side there is the timeline of the post, you can see “back” that indicates where you left off.
You can also bookmark (or like) a post for this purpose which you can access via your profile page later on.

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