Is Clipping border in the list of To Do's?

Simply that question, if the clipping border is in the list of ToDo’s for the stable 2.80 or the 2.81? or if is it a bug that is not working?
(pic from 2.79)

Looks like a bug to me. You should report it.

if the lack of clipping view its a bug its to be reported after beta we still in alpha crashes only etc etc etc.
Either way i want to be sure before throw noise in the tracker.

If you are talking about the Alt+B option to have culling to see interiors of meshes more easily, it is not currently planned.

The reason is that it is adding a lot more complexity to the code due to the newer opengl. Before (in 2.7x) it was just a few lines of code. Here we are already taking about hundreds. This feature was mainly there because it was really easy to support with previous opengl. But now, as it means major code changes, we don’t really consider it.

Not everything is beautiful when you update to new standards. :frowning:

that its really sad to read, i do realize that lots of changes are being made with the new system but not even having a masking feature at lest in the road map to 2.85/6/7 or 2.9 its really sad news

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I just found out that Clipping border, works… just not visually. Please, this is actually an useful feature…

I was about to post the same question when I came across this post here. From what I gather, it is a demanding feature now with the upgraded OpenGL system. Which spawns some hope, as demanding does not mean impossible. Are other techniques easier to implement? The reason why this question comes up is, that in design modelling / technical driven modelling, some sort of cross section tool is vital. Blenders implementation of the Clipping Border tool always blew away literally anyone in the design and engineering environment who I showed it to. Everyone wanted to have the same thing, because it was so fast and dead easy to use. XRay mode can only give you hints, but the accuracy of a clipped view is unmatched. It is a must have tool in the belt for us.

So again, are there any other thinkable solutions to having cross sections?


I just heard on Blender Today Live that clipping border is a “maybe” for 2.81…

This is one of the more impressive features of Blender (even impressed a Max using coworker of mine), and personally, coming from the CAD world, I’m used to using it all the time as nearly all CAD software has this.

Can’t this be done in a shader?

I’ve just come from an Unreal Enterprise Academy event and it was in one of their very basic tutorial sessions.

It is back! Implementation is not complete yet as stated in the latest meeting notes, but for the usual suspects it should work again in Wireframe and Solid mode!

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YES! i saw it, huge surprise in the BETA

Can you guys get work clipping border (ALT + B ) in LookDev or Rendered preview? Is it still work in progress?

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