Interested in GSoC 2019


I’ve been a Blender user for years, but I just recently got involved in its development. I’ve really enjoyed it, even the small changes I’ve had time for along with my school work. I’m a computer science and physics student at Middlebury College in Vermont, USA.

I know I will want to contribute more to Blender whatever I do, but it would be a great opportunity to be able to work on a project full time this summer.

After looking through the project ideas list, I’ve found myself especially interested in a few of projects:

  • Outliner Improvements: I’ve enjoyed dealing with the interface, and this would be a great opportunity to do more of that. Also, I’ve seen how it can be a pain point in Blender and I think improving it would have a big impact.

  • Info Editor: I think it’s empowering to have more easily accessible information about the internals of the program, and the project would also be a great opportunity to learn more about how these internals work.

  • Bevel Improvements: I’ve mostly done modelling in my time with Blender, and to have the chance to improve such an awesome tool would be awesome. I know there have been successful GSoC projects with this in the past, and it’s nice that it’s somewhat self-contained as a project.

So, I’m having some trouble choosing the best project to write a proposal for. I could see myself working on most of the projects, although I see myself most suited to these ones. As a new Blender developer, I don’t want to over-commit and not be able to finish a project, but I know I would have the motivation to work through problems I encounter.

Does anyone have advice here? Which project would you focus on in my position? Which do you think is the most valuable?

Depends on what you’re into, the frst two are essentially UI/Data problems, while the bevel one will lean a little bit more to the math side of things.