Integrating bug fixes into older versions possible for personal use?

This question requires some context:

  • My work uses Blender 2.76 in our asset creation work. (We use 2.76 because the custom addons created in-house were designed such that they do not seem to work with later versions so we’re stuck with it for now).

  • I recently built a new computer using an AMD GPU (5600xt).

  • 2.76 has a two-line bug in it that prevents OpenCL being used for cycles, and I need cycles for my work. Bug fix from 2.76b confirming the fix

Is it possible for me to pull the source from 2.76 blender, make the fix myself, and compile a custom 2.76 version from that source?

Yes, it should be possible.

But it’s actually simpler than that. Since this is a fix in the OpenCL kernel which is compiled at runtime, you can actually find util_math.h in your Blender installation, and apply the fix without having to compile Blender.


You are right! I was able to find the file and fix the error.

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