Instanced object can't have different vertex group names (preventing instances to be rigged to other bones)

Hi all.

I post it here to understand better why BF decided make vertex groups exlusively linked to the data breaking the legacy ability (from 2.4x I bet) to have different vertex groups and vertex group names on instanced objects.

I’m pretty sure that this will break a lot of people workflow, especially the one that have to deal with mechanical parts and like to keep the instances.
Not to mention the fact that is not possible to open correctly a 2.93 file anymore which is very unlikeable.

Here a is a clear example of what a I mean.

The solution can be to move vertex groups inside the object panel or to give to the user the ability to choose if it’s linked to the object or to the data as for the materials.

I also reported it here as a bug

Thank you.

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