"Individual" pivot doesn't respect snapping

Choosing “individual origins” as pivot doesn’t snap all selected entities into place in one go.

Here’s what I mean:


This is a single snap operation in a different 3D software package.

And in Blender, you get this:


That’s the same behavior as the other “median point” option.


This is very useful!

really nice.
currently to align a case same this, i use the combo s + y + move cursor to pivot point (zero)

You can do that in Blender with b select, shift V.

what? shift + v slides the vertex along an edge.

this topic is about any transform movement with a single snapping target being able to affect all selected vertices individually (there’s an “individual” pivot option, but no “individual” target option).

EDIT: Heck, I updated the first post with a Blender video as well and changed the topic title. This is now a bug, not a feature request, imo.

  1. pivot point – pivot center for rotation/scaling (see tooltip)
  2. when you rotate or scale the touching faces/edges, they are treated as a single element, and retain the shape of the group (see manual)

So you think the status quo is good, is that what you’re saying?

I mean there’s no bug (this is a feature request), since the Pivot Point option not related to moving, only to rotation and scaling.