Indices Selection NODE [to Approve]

This was expected to be honest. Working on something without reaching an agreement on the design first is kinda risky. Still, I’m sure the general idea of parsing strings into lists or fields of values (integers, or else…) is acceptable in principle. That’s just my opinion of course, but I would like to see something like this in geonodes at some point, in one form or another. I hope that does not discourage you from contributing.

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I agree with you. I tried to contact developer and everyone, but no one could talk to me except one developer, and he told me to submit the code, so i did submit. It’s very simple node,i totally disagre with @Dalai Felinto (dfelinto), the code it’s extremilly simple and the design is too simple. It’s how all other software does(houdini for example). I can explain line by line but i can’t reach anyone.

Another thing is, i have CAD nodes to also add.But i have not coded it fully. There’s lots of good nodes i can introduce, but as i said, i cant reach anyone.

Yesterday was release day for Blender, I am not surprised you didn’t get an answer as this is a very busy time for the team, especially for Dalai who coordinates development I believe.

It was a 6 days ago. I could post the design etc. but i need to know where and who talk to.

  • You can join the #geometry-nodes channel on if you haven’t already. That’s our main communication channel.
  • (Potential) contributors are always welcome to join our (almost) daily kickoff at 14:00 CEST.
  • There is a module meeting on Wednesday every two weeks. The next one is in two weeks (there was one this Wednesday).

Thank you, @jacqueslucke , i’m chating there now.


@jacqueslucke @dfelinto I create the design in the patch and update it for bugs. I documented everything.

Let’s start from the beginning, would that replace your node in simple mode?

No! please, ready my first comment or the resume in the patch.

Here’s a video of it working:


Performance issues was solved. I’m working for extract more performance. But for now it’s pretty fast, faster than most nodes.


Thank you so much for making this! It has been currently of my the biggest limitations to not be able to choose an index item list easily

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Thank you for your feedback, hope this node get in blender. But anyone can use it. I’m updating today, If anyone could do a video about it for a use case and share the .blend file that would be great.

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The patch:

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One sweet suggestion I have is to have a bigger text editor in the properties panel if the text is really long


Depends, what’s the limit of char? :thinking: how to handle CarriageReturn ect
could be useful for future script node :slight_smile:

I think it should have this 8 dots button to extend it :slight_smile:


It’s a great ideia. I don’t have much information on how to do that yet. And that would be another patch. But i like it and want it, but i’m dont know how to do it in the moment.

This has been discussed many times and to add it, you have to do a really lot of work.
Use a text editor.