In complex scenes, if you enter in Look&Dev mode Blender dies

In complex scenes, if you enter in Look&Dev mode Blender dies.

That´s it, it hangs and you cannot do anything more, it may be because of shader compilation or something similar, but it completely dies.

Someone is experiencing this?


In a complex scene there could be many things causing Blender to hang. Hard to say anything without narrowing it down to a specific material or object or render setting.

I feel maybe I am currently seeing what you discribed with EeeVee and materials.
The difficulity is, I can not clear find why it happend.

My scens are not so huge, (It can be render with cycles GPU of my 6GB memory GPU)
but most of them can not use in blender 2.8 when I change render engine as eevee.
it still work when I keep engines as cycles.

it is one actor, with poligon mesh hair ,2 clothes (one is just for exchange), parent with armature. I tried to reduce items or change shader nodes more simple (tried to use principled bsdf only) to check when it happen.

but still I can not find the clear reason. I can only suspect it cause with my material nodes and Eevee.
those scenes are very stable in 2.7 (cycles). Though when I pose them I must change view from shading,
it work without problem. (so I can load more actor with enviroment too in 2.7, but it never work in 2.8 with Eevee)

I hoped to offer bug report because it actually crash blender when I cange cycles to Eevee,
And these crush happen, usually when I start edting material nodes for Eevee , then change editor for material. and select slot, blender usually shut down. (though there are already many cutom properties with driver for expression etc, but I do not think it cause shut down)

I am now trying to change all shader nodes, and reduce slot, then check when blender 2.8 forgive me to use with Eevee.about same scene. Maybe refraction (which I custom made glass shader, from refraction, fresnel, etc,), or SSS, ,translucency nodes, or huge textures size , I afraid, these cause this issue.

My current PC is windows 10, Geforce 980 Ti X2 driver 416.81 without SLI (when use in blender)

Then I hope to know, iwhat is good way to keep detail log of crush about blender 2.8 ?

I think the only thing I can do is to share with you the full project privately, so you can experience with it, I cannot share it publicly because it´s for a client, but there is no problem in sharing it with the dev team.

It is built with several scenes of more than 1gb each one, all linked inside one main scene.

So as soon as we finish the project I´ll pack it and send it to you for debugging Eevee.


Are you sure it only happens in the full file? Have you tried removing objects, materials, turning off render settings, etc?

This is normally what we have to do as developers, so we ask users to trying doing that when reporting issues. In most cases the problem can be isolated like this, without having to share private files.

Yeah, ok, don´t worry, I´ll test all this, the “mother” file is the same that showed me the AO bug from simplify, so there may be something wrong, but is such a big file that it could be just that is processing, but since there is no progress bar i´m not sure.

in any case I´ll give you the files so you can test several things since it´s a big file from an external source with different workflows than the ones inside the Blender Animation Studio, it could help I think.