Improving the focus on Ux?

I’ve pretty harshly said that while 2.8 is a huge step up in Ux for Blender, it’s basically just arriving at the ground floor when it comes to the rest of the industry (it’s not actually even there yet, until 2.81 with its outliner improvements gets official).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the vibe I get from reading this forum for a few years, is that the developers fully support and understand technical details, but don’t understand Ux details, and on top of that, users can sometimes be bad at communicating them as well.

It’s not surprising either. Technical details are hard facts. It either works or it doesn’t, and if it’s not repeatable in a bug submission form, the problem doesn’t exist. Ux, on the other hand, is a soft metric. There’s tonnes and tonnes of books on how to measure it (and even some books describing what it is).

I was going to suggest a dedicated Ux forum, but after thinking a bit about it, I feel that’s a bad idea since the risk is that first, all Ux problems might become shoved into that corner of this forum and second, no developer will read it as the community is already split between this forum, right-click-select, and the bug tracker, for example.

The problem is that the only place for Ux feedback right now is the paper cuts thread/forum, and I know it’s good intentions behind it, but the name itself is a sort of reflection on the weight the developers place on Ux issues, while it’s popularity and size more reflects how important the users think it is.

I wonder if the solution to getting Blender to focus more on Ux isn’t actually anything to do with this forum, but rather allow Ux issues to be submitted to the bug tracker?

PS. As a side note, I have to mention Pablo Dobarro, because what a bombshell he is. An artist who also can code! But with the user base of Blender growing rapidly, do we really want to wait for multi-talented geniuses to get Ux things moving?


The user experience, user interface & workflow will continue to improve over time.

Blender now has a full time UI developer which will make new things possible.

Look for improvements related to assets, drag & drop, brush management, gizmos & tools, secondary windows, and more. 2.80 is not the end of UI improvements - it’s more a beginning.


Do you have the new programmer for this?

Maybe it’s billyreynolds himself?

Maybe I’m wrong but William is not programmer

I think it’s Julian Eisel the one who’s working on the new File Browser…etc.

That is good news!

But how is he getting feedback of Ux issues, when we’re not allowed to put them into bug reports?

Is he the one going through everything in the Paper Cuts thread and forum?

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I think is is very new, so please give him time until he is in the workflow and can go through the papercuts

it’s probably one of these two, or both :slight_smile: