Improvement suggestion of the Grease Pencil: Auto Inbetween tools

The grease Pencil is without a doubt an incredible tool!
I have noticed in some other animation software that have the feature of auto inbetween a feature in addition to interpolating each line, it is also possible to create a curve for the path, greatly improving the transition and avoiding distortions.
Here is an example of this feature that I would love to have in Blender.

Another feature that I would like to have in Blender and that is formidable, simple and intuitive is the time chart that exists in the program “TweenMaker”, in the program it is called “Tween Spacing”.

And last but not least is the “Shift and Trace” Resource.

Enables the Shift and Trace tool, with which you can temporarily offset, rotate and scale drawings.

The transformations done on drawings with the Shift and Trace tool are only meant to allow you to trace these drawings, and can be undone at any time to reset the drawings back to their intended position.

Is it possible to implement tools like this to grease Pencil? What do you think?
Support this idea!

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For features request it is better to post an in depth post on the following site:

Thanks Andreas, I just posted there!

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