Improvement of node group creation in the node editor.

I have created a differential to improve the way node groups are created from selected nodes in the node editor.
The change is related to the number and the naming of the sockets created for the new group.
I am a new contributor and this is my first try.
Should I complete additional steps or just have to wait patiently?
I mean, maybe some kind of ticket has to be created to move the process forward.

Best regards,


That’s a nice patch! Considering you already got informal approval from your reviewers, I’d say you’re on a good path :slight_smile:
It’s probably just a matter of them finding time to check your patch out in detail. If it’s sitting for a while, you can give them a ping in the #geometry-nodes channel on to make sure it’s on their radar.

In the mean time you could check out the style guide on comment formatting and such, to get some of the nit-picky formalities out of the way.

Good luck!