Improve vertice snap tools to speed up mesh refinement drastically

As pro 3d modelers in car industry, we use Alias Surface primarily. Now I get deeper in blender to use it in early design phase.

I highly recommend improving blender vertex snap tools to speed up mesh refinements drastically<

My suggest, check this tools from Autodesk Alias:
“Transform CV” start minute 05:17 :

priority list:
1.PROJ – moves CVs in the direction of a hull line, a vector, or constrains the movement to a reference plane
2. PROJ parallel – moves CVs in the direction of a hull line parallel

" Planarize Hull" to align zigzag vertices quick:

Also pls improve how to select. I want to select the next vertex/edge/face just by hitting arrow keys. Like hopping along a row.

Autodesk Alias Surface has the best vertex transform tools in the industry, it has a similar approach to use vertices to manipulate nurbs surfaces. Rhino is not there yet. A good mesh layout is essential to define design details in early stage “concept design” phase. Blender has a huge potential to make a mark in design in various industries e.g. consumer goods/car/aircraft/ships! Hope we see this tools soon. Thanks and keep up the good work :wink:

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I’m freelancer, model a cars too with a regular SDS modeling technics, but use all kind of moving manipulations to achieve smooth lines.

I want to understand your requests and help to achieve them:

Or I completely misunderstood what you want?


You can remap this keys (I remap it on Arrow Up/Down, but you need to check if it not used for something else, in this video I used default Blender keymaps)

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