Images "letter avatar proxy" return 404

Images from… fail to load with 404 code.

@troubled, I guess something broken in a recent upgrade, any idea what might be wrong?

Are you sure that page even exists?

It seems to be resolved now. According to the topic @jenkm linked it was an issue with data on that our instance accesses.

What I was saying was that the actual URL that gsrb3d linked was and currently still is a page that doesn’t exist, like he linked the wrong URL or something.

That was the start of the URL, I said “images from”. All the letters were not loading, and Discourse does not even set a text or anything as fallback, so all default avatars were invisible (and unclickable in many places).

I was just trying to understand why you were playing a guessing game with a partial URL instead of just linking the actual page. Anyway, sounds like things are working now! Cheers