Ignored constraints

Is anyone having trouble making some constraints work on the character rig, but doesn’t really work when the animation is rendered?
The child of constraint doesn’t seem to have any problems, but the copy rotation constraint appears to be ignore when the animation is rendered.
Sounds like missing code to me.
I hope that all constraints are fully functional later

EDIT: Even tho some bone constraints are ignored in the rendered animation, there is something I noticed about the way they act in 2.8

If the bone needs to copy the transformation of a child, then the constraint will control the bone more dynamically, and if the bone copies the parent, then the constraint will control it linear

There is also some cool stuff about the influence for the child target. If the influence is set to 0, then the bone will follow the target with no dynamics, and if its set to 1, then the bone will barely be able to follow the target.

There’s nothing different if the target is a parent in the constraint sadly. the movement will be linear, and the influence will just set the strength.

This could be a cool feature in blender!