Ideas for shader nodes. Both Eevee and Cycles

What else would you like to see in the Shader editor in blender that’s currently missing or nobody ever thought about?

For me a few things would be:

  • Blur node. Not glass roughness. Something I can add to a single polygon object with a transparent shader and have a similar effect. Also maybe color blur in shaders for textures.
  • Camera as texture input. Sometimes I like to rig everything and if a location for animation has security screens. Or a character has a phone, camera ect. I don’t want to prepare for each shot a screen texture video. Even worse when I only want to link my assets to save space.
  • Portal texture. Similar to Camera as Texture input. But when gloabal ilumination works both ways. Making a hole in the wall which is a portal to another place in the same room. Non - Euclidean geometry. Think Portal Games but with Ray Tracing calculated through the portals.
  • Anisotropic Glass. Similar to Anisotropic Shader. But with transparency. Simulating things like transparent records. The light is captured similarly as grooves on the bottom of a pan. But the material is transparent.
  • Prism. A glass like shader that will cast different color lights out of it. But not as a cheap cheat. But using a normal light spectrum.
  • Mapping along hairs. I recently tried to make a texture on fat hairs. Trying to make it look like each one is a collection of smaller ones. But using texture. I did manage some questionable success. Around the hair is easy. Along the length of the hair is virtually impossible. Why is that? Gimme the texture coordinates.

Add your own. And let’s discuss these.

  • Blur node - yes, please.
  • Camera as texture input - also one of my procedural dreams.
  • Text Texture. 2D texture which allows to project typing onto a surface, with possibility to change text body, font, size, etc.

Text in blender in general needs love. Why do I need to know where are Fonts installed? Can they maybe just walk through the fonts folder real quick? Like yeah. Give me an option to open a font from a folder if I want it. But also give me an option to just use system installed fonts.