Idea for a Multi-Mask Modifer

Hi, this idea was first posted on Right Clic Select

The thing would be to have the posibility to toggle on/off the visibility of several masks whenever you want. I had the idea from the multi-sub object material from 3ds max, so you can have in the same material multiple sub-materials (taking the different material IDs), and add or delete more as you need:


So, in this case, it would be having in the same mask modifier, multiple sub-masks in one object. (having saved previously the different selections as vertex groups) Example mockup:

In sculpting for example, I think it’d be very useful. You could have hands, body, arms, head, etc saved into diferent vertex groups and have them as masks and enable and disable them whenever you need.

Or maybe with a different approach of UI it would be better, the idea is that you can have a toggle and the posibility to enable and disable them easily from within the same modifier.

I hope I’ve explained well, English is not my mother tongue.

What do you people think?

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