I can only add 8 vertex colours layers in the same model. Why is that?

Is there a reason for the 8 vertex colors layers in Blender? Iโ€™m working with dynamic makeup on a model and this limit ruins my workflow. :frowning:

Is it easily fixable? It would help me a lot!


Sorry for necrobumping.

I want to second this concern. Currently to effciently transfer masking gradients made with Vertex Weights to Cycles one need to use Vertex Paint. Hard limit of 8 Vertex Paint layers blocks this workflow completly, as more complicated meshes require a lot of different masks.

Not anly Vertex Painting can be very slow with hi-poly meshes, there is a limit to how much data user can use in shading.
This tool has great potential as it donโ€™t require unwrapping or using image canvases (like Texture Paint) - which have their own set of problems. That makes it perfect candidate for creating masks for shaders in large, or complicated models.

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Totally agreed,
vertex colors are extremely useful, having only 8 layers feels extremely limitating

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Please increase this value it is extremely blocking

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