Hue is only mapped to 0-1 rather than degrees

Having come from other dcc applications that use the standard of mapping of Hue to 360 degrees, I’m finding it a little difficult, to get used to the 0-1 mapping of Hue in the Blender color picker. Although 0-1 mapping does perhaps technically have the possibility of more Hue choices over the 360 degree system; using degrees on a color wheel is far more intuitive and universally used than 0-1. I would love to see the possibility to choose Hue in degrees, as a user preference, over 0-1.

Kinda workaround but don’t forget what blender supports math calculations inside input fields, so entering “180/360” will give you 0.5, “90/360” will 0.25, etc.

So typing in degree values is sorta possible.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully this is pretty low hanging fruit for the developers and seems like a strange oversight. Hopefully it will get addressed.