How to get position and indices SEAM, SHARP?

I need to get the position of the seam, sharp, crease, bevel and their indices. I want to draw through bgl lines on top of an existing mesh.
For example the whole grid I get:

vertex_NP = np.empty((len(mesh.vertices), 3), 'f')
wire= batch_for_shader(shader, 'LINES', {"pos": vertex_NP, "color": edge_col_V}, indices = mesh.edge_keys)

you’ll need to get the information from bmesh loops. All of the data you mentioned is stored in loop layers.

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thanks for the answer. I tried a little, you’re right. I only had a problem with position and indices. I do not understand how to properly arrange the edges and not on the vertex. I have a grid built by vertex, and the information about uv seam in edges.

seam_NP = np.empty((len(bm.edges), 3), 'f') ???
seam =  batch_for_shader(shader, 'LINES', {"pos": seam_NP???, "color": seam_col}, indices = ???)